per·spec·tives exhibit

May 22, 2020 – July 19, 2020 all-day
Littleton Museum
per·spec·tives exhibit @ Littleton Museum | Littleton | Colorado | United States

Best of Show exhibition featuring artwork by Gabrielle Graves and Courtney Cotton

The Littleton Museum presents the artwork of Gabrielle Graves and Courtney Cotton, 2019 winners of the Eye of the Camera and Own an Original exhibits, respectively.

While both of the artists’ current body of work focuses on the idea of “perspectives,” each artist approaches it with her own unique emphasis and skillset. Cotton’s conceptual painting is meant to bring awareness to mental wellness and emotional intelligence by using visual metaphors and color to embody concepts such as transformation, and possibility. Graves explores the complex narrative of identity and its intersection with consumption and mental health. Her process employs photography, painting, video, and installation to create intimate experiences revolving around changing landscapes and internal dialogue.

Visit the Littleton Museum Current Exhibits page for more information about the artists.