Marketing Partners

Marketing Partners Meetings Suspended

Because of many unforeseen circumstances during the pandemic, the city has suspended the Marketing Partners meetings. Even though the Partners are not meeting in person, the city can still post their events if the event meets the qualifications below.

Before submitting an event, read the qualifications. If the event meets the qualifications, it will be posted on the event calendar, and the submitter will receive email confirmation. If the event does not meet the qualifications and is submitted anyway, it will be rejected.

Event Calendar Qualifications

The Community Event Calendar publicizes community-wide, public events presented by the City of Littleton and its community partners, as well as events presented at city-owned venues such as Bemis Public Library, Littleton Museum, Depot Art Gallery, and Town Hall Arts Center. The event calendar does not promote individual business sales, services, specials, classes, workshops, meetings, etc. Events must be in the Littleton city limits (for example, Clement Park is not in Littleton city limits).

If the submitted event does not meet these qualifications, it will be rejected.

Event Managers must register with this site to submit an event. If you are not registered, click the Add New Event button above, then click the Sign Up link and register for an account. After submitting your registration, you may submit your event for consideration. If the submitted event does not meet the qualifications, it will be rejected.

Updating Events

If an event’s details change, or if it  is canceled or postponed, email the changes to so the calendar entry can be updated.

Featured Images

Events submitted with a featured image are more eye-catching. If an image is not submitted with the event, the event may not be as noticeable in the calendar listing. The recommended image size for a featured image is 720 pixels wide by about 500 to 700 pixels tall.

Do not use an image with a transparent background. Remove or crop out any small detail text from the image (such as addresses, sponsors, etc.) and include that information in the details of the event itself.